Series Three | Spirit and Water

I am pleased to say that Series Three is finally released. It has been a long journey to getting this completed and so I would like to thank all those people who have been in touch regarding Series Three for their kind emails and patience.

Series Three follows on from Series Two with a focus on developing a closer relationship with the Spirit of Jesus. It lays a foundation for greater spiritual growth with the goal that we might come to truly abide  in the presence of God.

Series Three is available for download in the  formats below. Please note that the Smashwords ePub will work on Nook devices until Barnes and Noble release Series Three through their store. Please check back over the coming weeks for links to the paperback.

Get Series Three

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ePUB: Series Three at
Nook: Will appear soon at Barnes & Noble
Kindle: Series Two at


Once again, thank you for your support. May God  bless you richly as you read these studies.

Geoff Woodock (author).