In Series Two and Three we look at the importance of knowing the spiritual state of our own hearts. Like the Laodiceans, we need the Spirit of Jesus to reveal our hearts to us so that we can turn to Him and find transformation and freedom.

As we mature in Christ we have times that are real milestones or turning points in our journey. For me, some of these turning points came as I saw the reality of my own heart. One such time I was listening to someone talk of the Song of Solomon as a picture of our relationship with Jesus. He spoke of the love of God being like strong or intoxicating wine. It was the word intoxicating that stayed with me. You can’t have a dominantly intellectual faith and honestly say that you are intoxicated with God’s love. This kind of experience was of the heart, and it was an experience that I had not had, ever. I believed in God and wanted to grow in Christ, but for me, His love just wasn’t overwhelming. It made sense of paper, but in my life it simply wasn’t real to me. So at that point in time, all I could say is: “God your love is not like wine to me. I don’t find your love intoxicating at all. If this is the truth, I am living far from it. So Jesus please, teach me drink of your love and let me keep drinking of your love. Intoxicate my heart.”

At that point I felt my journey in Christ take off. The Spirit moved. Love was calling. And within two short years, I was utterly and irreversibly changed by God’s love. I was intoxicated with the love of Christ in a way that would redefine my entire life. Jesus became my beloved and I became His.

I’ll look forward to sharing more about that experience of God’s love in a future post. For now, I would encourage you to ask yourself: am I intoxicated with the love of God? If not, do I want to be overwhelmed by His love?