bioHi, I am Geoff (pronounced Jeff)¬†Woodcock and the author of the One with Christ studies. In addition to writing, I also do a bit of Bible teaching, music, coaching and software development. My wife Mel and I have four kids–Jacob, Keziah, Gabby and Timothy. We live in New Zealand.

In terms of theological background, I come from a Christian experience that could be termed both Evangelical and Pentecostal. I am currently a part of a non-denominational Christian fellowship. I believe that the Bible is the written expression of God and that the Spirit has been given to us to make the word of God a reality in our lives. By grace I have been transformed by God’s love and I now live to see others fall in love with Jesus Christ. I believe the basis of relationship with God is love through faith, and I do not believe in theoretical love.¬† I believe that every one of us can come to a real experiential, intoxicating love for Christ.

I love hearing from people, so please feel free to contact me here.