bioHi, I am Geoff (pronounced Jeff)¬†Woodcock and the author of the One with Christ studies. In addition to writing, I also do a bit of Bible teaching, music, coaching and software development. My wife Mel and I have four kids–Jacob, Keziah, Gabby and Timothy. We live in New Zealand.

In terms of theological background, I come from a Christian experience that could be termed both Evangelical and Pentecostal. I am currently a part of a non-denominational Christian fellowship. I believe that the Bible is the written expression of God and that the Spirit has been given to us to make the word of God a reality in our lives. By grace I have been transformed by God’s love and I now live to see others fall in love with Jesus Christ. I believe the basis of relationship with God is love through faith, and I do not believe in theoretical love.¬† I believe that every one of us can come to a real experiential, intoxicating love for Christ.

I love hearing from people, so please feel free to contact me here.


Latest News

Living Image Now Free

The Living Image book is now free for downloading! I was recently contacted by different people who did not have credit cards and so could not download the material regardless of the price. Many such people live in developing countries and are poor enough already, so I have removed the price to enable as many people as possible to learn a bit more about God’s design for us. Please note that Amazon does not allow books to be free but will price-match Barnes & Noble and give it to you free on request. Otherwise it will be available on the downloads page in the very near future.

Teaching in Pakistan

I had the privilege this year of teaching groups of leaders and pastors in Pakistan. We went to some of the poorer areas of Pakistan and it was a humbling experience to see people in such physical need to have such a strong spiritual desire. I spoke mainly about material that is covered in Series 5 and 6 (which are yet to be finished) and was really blessed to see so many people responding to the call to greater intimacy and love with Jesus.

Most of these believers did not speak English and most had little access to computers. So we have now translated the first three series of One with Christ into Urdu and are distributing copies free to leaders in Pakistan. Each book costs 60 cents to print. So if you’ve been blessed by the One with Christ studies and would like to pass the blessing on, please consider a donating a little to the publishing fund in Pakistan. The leaders that get the books can then teach others from the studies and pass them onto others. A seed of 60 cents can produce a great spiritual harvest there, all to your account (Philipians 4:17).

Translation Work

We are now looking at translating the studies into other languages, especially those of developing countries. We would love your support to make this a reality. If you are able to help translate or to fund some translation work, please contact me.