Thanks for taking the time to find out how you can support One with Christ. Below are some of the ways that you can help:

1. Pray

If you feel led, then please pray for me (Geoff). Pray that I would be filled with more of the Spirit of God, more love for Jesus and a lot more faith. Please pray that I would be faithful with what I have been given and would remain true to the call to live and abide in His presence. Please also pray for wisdom and discernment, that I would be able to avoid distraction and walk in a pure balance, fulfilling the call and will of God for my life.

Please pray also for my family as you feel led. If you have experiences or insights that you would like to share as a result of your prayer, please contact me to let me know.


2. Share

I passionately believe every word that has been written in the One with Christ studies. I have been called to prepare the bride for Christ, and as such my reward is seeing people fall in love with Jesus. To think that I could play a part in drawing others to love Jesus with all their heart and be a blessing of love to Him is an unfathomable honor. With this in mind, please share these writings with everyone you know who wants to grow in Christ, from new believers to mature leaders. As you feel led, connect with people and use this material to disciple them into love and unity with God. If you want to lead a group, then let us know and we will be in touch with some some resources and ideas for leading studies.


3. Review

Leaving reviews on the web or sharing the studies on Facebook or Pinterest is a great way to share the studies a little wider. If you are willing, please consider leaving a review on a website such as ¬†Amazon, Apple, ¬†Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or any other sites you may know. It doesn’t take much time but it could make a big difference for someone. Reviews should be honest and not overstated. If you have a favorite review blog, please consider mentioning the One with Christ studies or Living Image to the blog owner as possible books to review.


4. Help Translate

I would love to see the One with Christ studies translated into other languages. So far we have had requests for a Spanish translation and I would also like to see it translated into Chinese in the near future. If you are fluent at a high-level in another language and would like to help to translate the studies then please contact me. If you would like to sponsor the translation financially then also please get in touch.


5. Help Proofing

If you have proof-reading skills in any language and would enjoy a sneak peak at new material then please contact me. I will send you new material as proofing is needed.


6. Giving

We have testimony after testimony of how God has met our needs, and know the joy of both giving and receiving. If you would like to support us financially then feel free to donate here, however please consider earnestly praying for us as well.


7. Help with Programming or Software Design

I would love to have someone that I could pass on some of my software work to. This includes some development work on the Discovery Bible. If you have good programming skills (in php, Java or ObjectiveC) and are happy to donate some time then please contact me.



Thanks again to all our supporters. Your love, time and prayer are more appreciated than I can express. May God repay you for your kindness.
All blessings and love,