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“Choose life, that you may live, by loving God, hearing His voice, and living in union with Him. For He is your life.” – Deuteronomy 30:19b-20

God created us to live in love, intimacy and unity with Him. This is His brilliant design for life. But how do we love God? How can we hear His voice and experience true intimacy with Him? And what does it mean to live in union with God?

This book is written to help you encounter the Living God in a real and powerful way. It is written to help you love Him more deeply, hear His voice more clearly, and to grow in your unity with Jesus. If you are hungry to experience more of God and His awesome love, this book is for you.


“I was reading First Love and doing the reflections at the end of each chapter. I followed a question and asked the Father, ‘What’s your love for Jesus like?’ I don’t usually get pictures, but the Father took me into a vision. What I saw was awesome beyond words and then the words He spoke to me just melted my heart. No other book has ever brought me into such a powerful encounter with God.” – DN

“I was only up to Chapter Two and the Holy Spirit filled my bedroom and gave me an awesome revelation of God’s love.” – GT

“I have been a Christian my entire life and I haven’t come across so much truth. I already lost the count on how many times I cried while the book was working in me. This book is a wonderful gift!” – LK

“This book is a miracle, it’s like a love letter from Jesus to me. I feel so free! My fears are going away as Jesus keeps on pouring His love on me. During the day, I keep looking forward to the evening when I can be alone with Him. Love has a name! It’s Jesus!” – ST

“Since I started reading First Love, I have been getting clear dreams and visions from the Lord.” – SL

From the Author

In 1 Timothy, Paul writes that the goal of his teaching is love from a pure heart. So if you this book does not lead you into a deeper experience of God’s love then I have failed and these words are worthless. I pray that this may not be the case! I pray that as you read this book, the Lord would share His consuming love with you and that His love would be absolutely life-defining for you! May Jesus make His presence so real for you and His voice clearer than ever before. May you find deep joy as you experience the goodness and love of God in Christ Jesus!

I would love to hear about how God uses this book to bring you deeper into His love. So after you read this book, please feel free to email some feedback or leave your testimony in a review. All blessings and love in Christ! – Geoff (Jeff) Woodcock, author.

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1 review for First Love

  1. Rod Bent

    I have been a Spirit filled Christian for many years, and a leader in several Christian organisations. I began reading the First Love book in 2021, and from page one have been impacted by the deep and rich truths that have flowed from every chapter. I highly recommend it to any believer who is seeking a more intimate love relationship with Christ and the Father. I am confident it will enrich you spiritually.

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