Series One Quotes

The following quotes are all taken from the Barnes and Noble website which can be found here.



This book made me think and then gave me insight to what God wants in my life. Relationship! I have read it once and.plan on reading it again. Once I started understanding the reality of what God can do in my life, I couldn’t pit the book down. And, it was free…WOW!

Highly Recommended

I Love this book, and told everyone to read it. It will have you falling in love with Christ all over again. Great job.

For Christians

Every Christian should understand the contents of this book. Excellent writing and scriptural presentation. Superb!

Simply Amazing

I have been searching for years for a book that goes beyond theory and provide specific instructions on developing a personal and REAL relationship with Christ. The author is simple and clear with his explanations and easily struck a chord with answering questions that i have or have had. The book is Free so what do you have to lose?


I took my time with this book and used it as a devotional…it made me fall yet deeper in love with my Lord.

This was an awesome read.

This was an awesome read. I used it like a devotional; one chapter a day. It really drew me to the heart of God.


Love the Lord! He can do amazing things!

Great Study of the Lord

Me and my husband enjoyed this series and we read the second series too. I liked the short quizzes at the end of each chapter. Very well put together.

For the Christian that hungers for more of what GOD wants to give us in spiritual maturity.

Excellent book for daily biblical nourishment for the more learned Christian. Gives wise explanations of GOD’S wonderful WORD that remind us that there is still more to learn from the Bible.


I just love this book. Very easy to read and to understand. I have already started reading series two. I would recommend this book for all ages.

Highly recommend

I found it to be very readable and insightful. Excellent points and reminders.

One with Christ

Wow! This is a great book!

Series Two

The following quotes are all taken from the Barnes and Noble website which can be found here.

Very good for the spirit!!!

I really enjoyed reading this book. It has made me look at myself and the world around me from a different perspective and it has also put somethings on my mind to ponder about myself and life. I would recommend this book to anyone, and especially anyone who is starting their walk with Christ.

Good Teaching Guide

Me and my husband enjoyed this series and the first series also. We learned some new things and it makes you think. There are short quizzes at the end of each chapter. We enjoyed this series and look forward to reading more of this series.

One in love

God is love and my relationship with him has grown in the experience of receiving love and true life in reading this book it was awesome; if you wanna get closer and more intimate with him read this series and expect your heart to be in love with Jesus.

TOP of my list! Highly Recommended!

This is a wonderful study. I’ve written to the author, Geoff Woodcock telling him I want to receive One With Christ Series Three when it is finished. I hope you will read Series One and Two.


This book is really good, I read it every night before I go to bed, It is really done well, such good advice, it is like to talking with GOd,,

I would buy this book for a dear friend, and it has so much wisdom contained in these pages.

I just love this book !!!!!!


It is 337 pages of wisdom. Thank you however wrote this book!!!!

Must read!!

This book is amazing and you need to read it! I sat through an amazing movie just to read this! Amazing and fun to read!

Loved it.


Great Read it

This book was great. Very east to read and understand. I have already read part two!!