Thank You.

Thank you so much for considering a donation. In terms of donations, we’d love you to feel genuinely feel by God led to give out of a heart of love. So in keeping with the principle of Spirit and life, please seek God before making a donation. As mentioned before, we value your prayers more than anything else. However, if you feel led to give, then here are some areas where your donation may be used:

  • The One with Christ studies have been a part-time ministry to this point. Your donation can help this to become a full-time ministry.
  • We have had requests for the One with Christ studies to be translated into other languages. Your donation can enable us to pay for translation.
  • We are involved in an exciting project to empower people to study the word in a whole new way. The project is only in the initial stages, but with enough support, it has the potential to be a powerful tool in people’s spiritual growth.

If you would like to proceed with a donation, please click the donate button:  


Post Script

It has taken some time for me to come round to the idea of receiving financial support. Always at the back of my mind is the knowledge that the studies have been a real gift of God to me–one that I want to freely share with others. However I know that even Jesus was supported by Susanna and Joanna (among others) and that there is a clear Scriptural basis for supporting those who labor in the word (even if that labor is more privilege than work). I also recognize that investing in this kind of ministry is one of those rare opportunities to take material wealth and turn it into spiritual wealth (for others), and that is a really exciting opportunity that anyone can be a part of.

Ultimately we would love to get to the point where the sales from the One with Christ studies completely support my family and the projects we are involved with. However, until that point, I would like to say that I sincerely and deeply appreciate your support. There are so many things you could spend your money on, and it is a blessing to think that you’ve chosen to so freely to support me in writing the One with Christ studies.

May God repay you for your kindness.