What People are Saying

4stars Outstanding

This book made me think and then gave me insight to what God wants in my life. Relationship! I have read it once and.plan on reading it again. Once I started understanding the reality of what God can do in my life, I couldn’t put the book down. And, it was free…WOW!

5stars Highly Recommended

I Love this book, and told everyone to read it. It will have you falling in love with Christ all over again. Great job.

5stars For Christians

Every Christian should understand the contents of this book. Excellent writing and scriptural presentation. Superb!

5stars Excellent!

I took my time with this book and used it as a devotional…it made me fall yet deeper in love with my Lord.

5stars One in love

God is love and my relationship with him has grown in the experience of receiving love and true life in reading this book it was awesome; if you wanna get closer and more intimate with him read this series and expect your heart to be in love with Jesus.